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Written by Terry D. Adams     
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 00:00 
Dear Editor:

On Thursday, May 18, Delta lost a well-known citizen with the passing of Gary Burke. It is our understanding Gary was a well-known sports writer and avid fan, spending the bulk of his life following the sports world.

Tears will surely flow as memories are shared over the loss of your neighbor and friend.

At this time tears are also being shed all over the world as Gary Burke had another side that most folks were not aware of. He had a tremendous love of numismatics, or coin collecting as most of us now call the hobby. A few years ago this amazing technology we call the Internet connected folks from all walks of life, from around the world, on various forums to discuss our hobbies and our passions.

A very small group of collectors had a dream and Gary Burke helped foster that dream into an international coin forum which became known as The Knights of the Coin Table. Based on truth, honesty and integrity the coin collectors involved shared knowledge as the membership grew. With old-fashioned chivalry as our guide, members began trading equal value collectables, and the idea has since spread around the world, with Gary forging the way in an effort to promote the love of numismatics with anyone who wished to learn.

In a few short years the Knights of the Coin Table forum was up and running with Gary Burke serving in the capacity of moderator on a world class forum. With Gary's help we created the first membership-owned forum in the Internet world. He quietly served as the forum scribe, secretary and historian, while at the same time fulfilling his role as a father, grandfather, husband and employee for his local newspaper.

In 2007 the Knights of the Coin Table managed a first for an Internet forum group when they commissioned Colorado engraver and sculptor Daniel Carr to create their first silver, copper, brass and pewter medallions. We received e-mails from all over the world telling us it could not be done by such a small group. We were told repeatedly not to waste our time and efforts as major coin clubs throughout the world could not succeed in such an endeavor as thousands of dollars would have to be raised to fulfill such a dream. Undeterred and with Gary's guidance and help the impossible became possible. Final shipment of our first medallions would be launched, under the direction of Gary and his wife Pat, from their home in Delta. The feat was again accomplished in 2008 and 2009 as we now await for last year's medallions.

In the past few hours coin collectors from Australia, China, Turkey, Great Britain, Canada, Egypt, Belgium, Germany, Slovak Republic, Estonia, Romania, Italy, India, United States and the Netherlands have learned of the loss of our friend and mentor. We at this time are quickly moving forward with a new quest, which will again be a first for an Internet coin forum, as we prepare a memorial tribute to our friend from Colorado who gave so much to the world and asked nothing in return.

Last fall TKO and I were fortunate enough to meet Gary and Pat Burke as they ventured through the state of Indiana while on vacation. After spending countless hours online with this unique individual from Colorado I could now put a face with the name. We were a couple of the lucky ones in this group who got to shake the hand of such an outstanding personality.

Over the course of a lifetime we each will meet thousands of people. Some will be in passing while others will remain for a while, in our lives and in our hearts. And then there are those rare few who will never be forgotten as they truly do leave footprints on your heart. Gary Burke had done so in over 15 countries in the world and we are honored to have known and shared with this man and his family from Delta, Colorado.

Terry Adams

Knights of the Coin Table International Coin Forum

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Dear Knights ~

Thank you so much for keeping my dad's (CoinCrusader) memory alive and well! You were such an important part of his life ~ I visit KOCT and can instantly think of so many stories he had about his time with you - and his love for collecting and chatting with you. My medallion has a place of honor where I see it daily, so I keep him (and you) all close. Thanks again

Always ~ MedicMichelle89

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Hi Michelle,

He will always be in my memory, as he was a great friend, even though we never met.

Do you and the kids (probably not so small now), still collect coins?

(From Western Australia)

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