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April 26, 2022, 12:20:39 PM
A Dublin Priest is given a new Parish, in small Texan town, on a two year exchange.

After a good nights sleep, he awakes to a great new first day on the job.  He looked out of his window, and took in the wide expanse of blue sky, singing birds and then as he looked at the ample green front lawn, notices a dead Jackass (mule/donkey) smack in the middle of the lawn.

He rang directory services to obtain the number of the local police and the conversation went something like this: "Morning, Bunger Police, you're talking with Trooper Dalemont".  "Oh Trooper, its Father O'Neill from Saint Pats, I've got a dead Jack Ass on the front lawn, could you please tell me how I arrange for its removal, or can you arrange it".  The Smart young Cop, repeated what the Priest had reported and said, "but Father I thought that you were responsible for the last rites".  After a few seconds, the Priest came back with, "Oh you are quite correct Trooper, but first I must notify the next-of-kin".   

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