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Fellow Knights,

I've been diligently searching for a good reliable source for XL DIY slabs to protect and present a number of larger exonumia and medals that I have acquired. Finding anything within the US was a total exercise in futility, so I turned to the "Den of Thieves" merchant, Alibaba.

The biggest issue I have with this site is the exceedingly long lead times between order and receipt. It averages around 30 days. It's been a looooooooong while since I've contemplated ordering from China, so my "test order" was for less than a dozen of these oversize slabs. (Finding products on that site is also less than "user friendly." Let me know if you are interested and I can post up a link to this specific product.)

As expected, delivery took exactly 30 days, but I couldn't be more pleased with the products. I now have a self-slab option for my large religious and oversize Dan Carr pieces. They even accommodate odd shaped items like the 2018 KOTCT 2 oz. Silver Cob.

Thought I would share.  Photos below.

Whaddaya think?


These can be ordered to accommodate objects from 41mm all the way up to 60mm. I have a 60mm medal on route to me. I will post it up when it arrives.

These accommodate even the thick 2 ounce and 3 ounce Daniel Carr KOTCT medals without a problem. I was thinking those would be living in plastic flips forever.


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This photo has one medal in a "normal" sized self-slab for size comparision. The little guy is the same size as your typical NGC slab.

The item on the upper right isn't one of the new ones I ordered. It is an older PCCB that I received from an "esteemed member" of this site. It's there for comparison as well.


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Looking Good


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Well, it seems that I've outdone myself.

I just received a KOTCT medal that won't fit into the largest self slab that I've got.  Tipping in at 63.85mm . . . . .


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