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Offline GrandAm

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I didn't see a BST link.
If there is one provide me a link and I will move it to that location.

I am a rather new Knight and am looking to acquire some previous KOTCT issues as well as other Dan Carr products.
I am especially interested in the 2014 KOTCT Lesher Dollar and the 2017 Stonehenge issues,,,, any medal types or finish.

If you have other Dan Carr items you want to part with send me a message and we can talk.

Also looking for Merlin the Magician,,,, Dan Carr's Holloween Medal and whatever. Send me a message and description and we can go from there.

I can be reached via messages here or e-mail me at gdhoop@lightbound.com

Photos would be appreciated and they don't have to be professional quality, just something to give me an idea of what you are offering.

Thanks, GrandAm


Offline Gluggo

Hey Grand sorry I do not have what your looking for.  I just wanted to tag you my email it’s gluggo1drinker@gmail.com.  It’s an old nick name from my drinking days you know glug glug glug!  Add an O and you almost have it.  I will send a message tomorrow been busy at work. 
I take it the Merlin’s are the 2016 hologram ones.  I think he made some Merlin bars too.  Are those what your looking for?  I know I seen a few on EBay even the expensive gold colored rhodium one.  But that is as some time ago.  Good luck.