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I have had an email conversation going with Daniel Carr going back and forth asking for suggestions to figure out what our final lists of medal types will be for our 2017 medals.  He had a lot of great ideas.  To make way for some of these ideas, we will have ot reduce some of the other options. 

Daniel suggested removing the colored silver strikes, and replacing the silver ike overstrikes with clad overstrikes (since the silver ike overstrikes would look very similar to the silver eagle overstrikes). I also asked if there was a possibility to do a bi-medal strike since it was brought up in another thread, and a double reverse strike.

So here is what I think would be best for medal types after emailing Daniel:

1.) The color tone medals both 39mm and 50mm will go, along with the 40% Silver Ike overstrike to make way for some other ideas.  The DC choice finish will also go be changed to some of the other suggestions.

2.) A Silver double reverse Medal will be added using the original 2007 die and the new 2017 die. 

3.) Bi-medal​ medals are possible with in the 50mm size.  We have the option to use a 1oz silver blank surrounded by brass or copper with the main design in the center and some type of anniversary wording around the brass or copper rim.  The reverse side could have a reusable design with sword and shield sets surrounding the center representative of our different countries like knights around the round table.  We could also use the full design on two ounce silver rounds

4.) My thought on the Ike overstrikes was to have a bunch of them made as loose coins, and send them out for treasury donations like the Notgelds.  These would be available until they run out.  They would cost $7 to strike, and probably a $14 donations would get one sent to you (or you could order them with your​ 2017 order.  I think they would make cool pocket pieces, and help keep the castle running.

It is a lot of information, so let me know your thoughts.  I will be editing the list soon.

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The 50mm medal design would be similar to this if we want to have bi-medal designs available,

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Some great ideas here !

 - I definitely support the bi-metallic versions and believe the 50mm / 2 ounce size would certainly have a stunning presentation with silver center and either brass or copper rim.

 - The silver double reverse strike would be excellent for a 10th anniversary issue, especially if the 2007 reverse die is then retired from service.

 - The Ike overstrike idea is great for both the treasury and international club recognition opportunities.

Any current options that would have to be eliminated from the list are OK with me.

Dan's creations are what make the KOTCT medals 'special' and it does not get better than that !



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What about an old style collar-less coin, like Dan's cobs?


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Bi-metallic versions and  the 50mm / 2 ounce size sounds great. Perhaps a high relief option similar to "1917" Peace Silver Dollar "Broken Sword" . When the list is finalized,I hope we get an opportunity to adjust and/or add  to our order ?  :)


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I hope we do have the opportunity to pick up the overstrike when they are done as a way to put funds into the KOTCT Treasury. While I haven't seen the concept designs I do hope the silver remains as just silver? Bimetallic coins have never impressed me even when they were gold and silver. Just makes value very hard to determine. Either way i have ordered medallions and look forward to seeing them! Thanks for everyone's efforts on this quest!

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There will be plenty of opportunity for members to pick up a clad Ike overstrike after the medals are made, as mentioned earlier in this thread.  Daniel gave us a price of $700 to strike 100 Clad Ike dollars.  That price includes the Ike dollars.  They will be "loose", meaning they won't have the signed coin flip to keep the cost down.  It should make a good pocket piece to show friends and possible new members.  About half of the Ike overstrikes are accounted for with the current orders.  I think it will be a pretty cool thing to get for a $14 treasury donation after the medals are made, and it give new members a chance to get one if they want to.

Also, the Silver medals that you ordered will be pure silver Terry.  They will only be bimetallic if you ordered them that way.


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Thanks for the reply. I work in a coins shop now that I am retired and know all silver is so much easier to deal with than bimetallics! And, quite frankly, I simply love silver and gold coins! lol Looking forward to seeing a finished product!

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Greetings All,

Zombie thread resurrection by a noob.

As one of the newest members of the KOTCT, I offer my thanks for the great work everyone has done on these in the past.  Just this past weekend I was on a quest ot acquire multiple copies of the work y'all were so diligent in helping to get created.  I love them all.

I was able to secure a few 2017 medals, and am in process of securing a few 2018 and 2019 medals as well.  I am very excited to see what 2020 holds . . .

Noob Knight Zoid . . . .