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If not what happened? Did we not have enough orders last year to make it worthwhile for Dan?


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I think between Dan's bought with Covid and his contract work, he was otherwise occupied.


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I talked to Dan,( thru email), late last year, and he said he was thinking about doing one for 3 years in one medal...... like he did “ the Dark Knight “ medal. I’m sure he knows that “ traffic “ on this site has slowed down, so I’m thinking the more members that ask him for a medal will have a lot to do with if we get one........... ask Dan for one....... I’d really love to see what Dan will come up with ‼️‼️ I’d hate to see this opportunity pass us because of “ lack of out interest “. Email him and ask him about it....... Dan’s always responded to me.
And I’ve been trying for over two years to find a project good enough for Dan to do for me. He doesn’t do ,” just”any medal or token, unless he feels it will be a worthy project ‼️Believe me, I know, ( I’ve come up with some “wild” ideas, and Dan has kept me from loosing money, and kept me from embarrassing him and myself)‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Our club is lucky enough to have Dan willing to do this medal for us, don’t let this opportunity pass....... email him and let him know we can’t wait to have him do one for us again ‼️‼️‼️🎯🎯‼️‼️

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