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Offline Sir Shipe

new token
February 14, 2015, 07:21:53 AM
Couldn't help myself and Bought this pretty little gem. Its #38 out 100. Soon to be graded and set in the treasure chest along side #37 that in there.


Offline Humpybong

Re: new token
February 14, 2015, 07:36:56 AM
Nice.,....presume it is silver.

Where did you get it......ebay or direct from seller.

You have access to more items in US than we have down here in OZ.

Thanks for showing us and making us drool.


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Offline SirStacksALot

Re: new token
February 14, 2015, 08:24:29 AM
She is gorgeous :) That is one rare gem, or now two rare gems that you have there. I think that you should trade one to someone from ohio.... Hmmmm do you know anyone like that? Here is some information from the Liberty dollar encyclopedia  about the Liberty Euro, and the link to the spot where it came from.


#60  2008 20 EURO

(highest private sale numbered piece - $1500  2/17/2012)
(highest private sale un-#d piece - $2500  4/9/2012 by Jeff K.)

Only 100 made - un-numbered pieces are EXTREMELY rare.
I contest claims that the Liberty Euro is the rarest Liberty Dollar production.  They were created after the raid of 2007, so none were seized by the FBI and all 100 pieces are in the hands of the public.  By contrast, the Evansville (#55) had most of the run seized by the FBI, so even though there were more of them minted, there are fewer in the hands of the public than the Euros.  Also, it is doubtful that the Ron Paul Platinum piece had a mintage of 100 pieces, so it is also rarer than the Liberty Euro.

Actually, the Liberty Euro should not be included in this list of one ounce silver medallions because it was never released for production by the organization and was never sold through the main office in Evansville, IN (kind of like the copper 'mule' on the copper page).  The 100 pieces that exist were a prototype run done to evaluate the potential for a European market.  Once it was determined that the market was not there, the pieces that were not given to folks in Europe during the presentations were brought back to the US and numbered by BVNH.  They were then sold into the collector market by the two people who conceived the idea and made the pitch in Europe.

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Offline Sir Shipe

Re: new token
February 15, 2015, 06:36:52 AM
Yes it is silver. I bought it from the eBay seller on a side deal. Save us both money that way. For the right price it could be shipped to you humpybong or sirstacksalot  ;D


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Re: new token
February 27, 2015, 02:04:54 PM
It's very nice, but Liberty and Euro just don't seem to go together IMHO. 

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Offline Zoins

Re: new token
February 08, 2017, 04:52:39 PM
Great coin and info from the Liberty Dollar Encyclopedia. I never knew the story behind these being presented in Europe!